Production Generator Rental, Sales, Repair and Refueling Services

    STUDIO GENERATORS from MQ POWER all permitted for statewide operation by California Air Resources Board.
    credit card processing SEE RENTAL RATES LISTED HEREIN.
  • WE HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS SINCE 1974. As a leading supplier to the MOTION PICTURE / TELEVISION/COMMERCIALS and SPECIAL EVENT INDUSTRIES, our STUDIO GENERATOR equipment has been used on over 21,000 productions to date, including the following current /recent productions:

    "Nasty Piece" Chaminade" "Eden T" "My Valentine" "Fresh Off Boat" " Marcel Documentary" "Cisco Symphony" " Midnight Kiss" "Madden 20" "Pilgrim"' "NHL" "Horse Girl" "Nasty Piece of Work" "Rock the Rock" "Midnight Kiss" "Dollface" "Mountain Dew" Fox Sports" Refugees" "Bless this Mess" "School Spirit" "The Baxters" "Get Shorty" "Tree House" "The Haunting" "Summer Solstice" "Ebay" "Absolute" "Calico Critters" "Panavision" "Jurassic" "Man at Arms" "Rip Tide" "Miss Virginia" "Grays Anatomy" "Def Jam" "Huluween" "The Vault" "World Poker Tour" "Devil has a Name" "Liza on Demand" "Agents of Shield" "Oliver Forever" "On My Block" "Saving Flora" "Laff Mobb" "5th Quarter" "Corpse Tub" "Hospitality" "Panini" "Broken Skull" "High Dollar" "Sacket Sisters" "Abduction" "Disney" "Tethered" "Facebook Live" "Metro" "JFK" "Doomsday" "Whole Lotta Love" "Kay Jewelers" "Weinerschnitzel" "Good People" "Loan Depot" " Agents of Shield" "Golden Globes" "Magic 85" "Green Engineering" "Teen Wolf" "Ashes to Ashes" "Kill Theo" "Third Hand" "Scorpion" "Teen Wolf" "Rag Tag" "E Harmony" "Bagley" "Hack My Life" "Call of Charlie" "Declassified" "Bedeviled" "Bersurk" ""Traces" "Traded" "God Part 2" z"Ambulance" "Neighborhood Watch" "Diagnosis Delicious" "Welcome to the Family" "Still Standing" "Icebox" "Sinister 2" "Now We Know" "SPF 18" "Wolves at the Door" "Advance & Retreat" "Papa" "Balsam" "Prime O" "Mercury Insurance" "Hot Wives" "Dr. Dell" "E Harmony" "Prodigal Daughter" "Faraar" "Bruckheimer Project" "Teen Wolf" "When Duty Calls" "East Los High" "Cold Winter Night" "Actors Anonymous" "Lift Me Up" " ABC Family" "Fox News" "Workaholics" "Mystery Diners" "Brother vs Brother" "Dr. Phil" "Teen Wolf" "The Right Girl" "World Poker Tour" "We are Friends" "Tom Green Show" "Directors Cut" "Anabelle" "Richie Rich" "Sex Sent Me to the ER" "Second Chance at Christmas" "Expelled" "Devils Carnival 2" "Breaking Through" "Band of Robbers" "Twisted" "Boatman" "Medicine Men" "Reluctant Nanny" "Babylon" "Smoosh" "In Extremis" "Mystery Diners" "Pearly Gates" "Whitney Houston" "Promise" "Teen Wolf" "Home" "Dutch Hollow" "Stealth" "Kids vs Monsters" "Turkish Film Festival" "Star Man" "Visions" "Daughters of Eve" "Web Theory" "Mr. Fiction" "Diabolical" "East Los High" "Petals in the Wind" "Germanys Next Top Model" "Married" "Mr. Fiction" Paramount/Canada -2014 Rose Parade Honda Float -"On Paper" "E Harmony" "Designer Pups" "Made In China" "Side Effects 2" "Vestwood" "Any Day" "Real Love" "Touched" Comedy Central/"Workaholics" "Whiplash" "Teen Wolf" "New Man" "The Michaels" "Helicopter Mom" "Surf Movie" "Camp Takota" "Dark Summer" "Private Number" "Big Time" "Break Point" "Stretch" "Lazarus" "Camp Xray" "Veronica Mars" "North Blvd" "Renegade" "Swelter" "Extraction" "Drunk History" "Snow Bride" "Zombeavers" "Re-Memory" "Trigger" "Mr. Monster" "Cupid's Bed & Breakfast" "McDonalds" "Kohls" "Fear Not" "Parched" "Redemption" "There's Always Woodstock" "Insidious 2" "The Saint" "Singularity" "Mercy" "Called To Serve" "Sharkskin" "Mortal Kombat" "A Many Splintered Thing" "Top Hooker" "Reading Writing Romance" "Nina" "Victor" "This Magic Moment" "Trust me" "Plush" "Dark Skies" "Mucho Dinero" "Two In" "Sound City" "Raze" "Jobs" "Comedy Central" "Atlas Shrugged 2" "What A Wonderful World" "Bling Ring" "Blond" "Rites of Spring" "Vigilandia" "Car Warriors" " Turn The Lights On" "Hansel" "Cupcake" "Fiat" "5 Hour Friend" "Next" "Two Close" "Hustle" "Dr Pepper" "Time Being" "Meddling Moms" "Kiss Me" "Bedfellows" "Sports Camp" "Fox Sports" "Goo-Goo Dolls" "House of Lies" "ladyKiller " "Receiver" "Toyota" "Lightning" "Dumbells" "Cupid" "To Do List" "Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World" "True Crime" "Medium" "The Office" "Nip Tuck" "Comic Relief" "The Cape" "Brand Dead" "Carnal Innocence" "Scooby Doo" "Cyprus Hill" "Dirty Girls" "Fast & Furious 5" "Atlas Shrugged" "William & Kate" "The Clinic" "Terms of Service" "Default" "Blackout" "Sibling Rivalry" "Man Up!" "Biggest Loser" "A Thin Line" "Bling Ring" "Chemistry" "Uncle Rafeal" "Rizzoli & Isles" "Cannonball" "ESPN' "Perfect Couples" "American Idol" "And They're Off" "Hollywoo" "Mystery Girl" "Should Have Been Romeo" "Ice Cube Music Video" "Make Believe" "Continental Divide" "Missionaries" "Henchman" "Jeremy" "Undercovers" "Sloth" "I Heart Vampires" "After The Fall" "Mothers Helper" "Love, Barack" "Art Walk" "Behind Your Eyes" "Wolf Town" "Sport Science" "Bride Groom" "Big Picture" "Back Yard Wedding" "Bus Stop" "Things You Loose" "Astronauts" "One Night" "Ski Cabin" "Slightly Single" "Fred The Movie" "Gone South" "Palm County" "Mushrooms" "Rush Lights" "Schwartza" "Misdirection" "Cowboys" "Shadow" "Into Light" "Storage" "Comedy Central" Multiple productions @Siren Stages "Buddy Applebaum" "Aids Walk LA" "Webisode" "Supernumerary" "Christmas Movie" "Devils Creek" "Leverage" "Cartel" "Bounce" "The Ride" "Shakey Ground" "Taking The Fall" "Jump" "Tigers" "Itch" "Enemy" "Bodycruz" "Christmas Gift" "Shadow In White" "Nestle" "Five For Fighting" "Family Wedding" "Sand Castle" "Nothing Special" "Love Will Keep Us Together" "Barry Minkow" "Relax" "Filth To Ashes" "Candy" "The Vanguard" "Curb Your Enthusiasm" "Carl's Jr." "Mongoose" "UBI Soft" "Shark Tank" "Nike" "College Years"
Production Generator Rental, Sales, Repair and Refueling Services